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Monday Morning Series: Making friends in Thailand

Happy Family Day! Meeting a family of elephants in Thailand. Related Links: Elephant Bath Time In Thailand

Guest Post: Berjaya Langkawi Resort: Luxurious yet unspoilt

Unspoilt travel – the utopia of the seasoned traveller, is becoming more difficult to find as travel to far off places has become more attainable.  As Shane, the author of this Guest post suggests, stunning travel destinations can be spoilt by excessive tourists and obnoxious travellers…..but when an oasis is found…. Guest post by: Shane … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series – Elephant Bath Time in Thailand

In Ontario, today is Family Day.  I thought a family photo would be appropriate for the Monday Morning Series.  Introducing, Elephant Bath Time in Thailand. I spent some time on the River Kwai while in Thailand.  We stayed on river rafts and had an opportunity to ride elephants.  Every day the family of elephants would … Continue reading

Nepal: Eternal Fascination

The splendour that is Nepal remains an Eternal Fascination for me.  The mountains and her people, the temples and the rituals.  Two weeks in Nepal was only a taste! Tucked in between India and China, the Kingdom of Nepal is the jewel of the region.  Her majesty and peaks an inspiration to millions who dream … Continue reading

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