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Tranquility on Meech Lake

Tranquility – tran·quil·li·ty or tran·quil·i·ty (tr ng-kw l -t , tr n-). n. The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity. That is the best way to describe my evening paddle on Meech Lake, found in the Chelsea sector of Gatineau Park, 20 minutes from Ottawa.  With life at an all time hectic pace, I head out … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series: Kayak Certification at Meech Lake

It’s that time of year again when I can’t wait to get out on the water!  Have been out a few times already, but the water it still too cold for a swim! This photo was taken last year during a sunny weekend – perfect for a Kayak safety and certification course.  You never know … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series: Kayaking in Wakefield

This is one of my favourite shots from a day out kayaking with the girls!  With kayak season finally here, many opportunities for a day on the water are waiting…so thrilled the ice has finally melted! Happy Monday Morning! Related Links: Found Time Earth Day Tribute: 4 Seasons in Gatineau Park  

Monday Morning Series – Kayaking in Dubrovnik

I can hardly believe it has been a month since I was living it up in Croatia!  I couldn’t get enough and can’t wait to go back! Kayaking in Dubrovnik was a brilliant day out on the water.  A great way to see the city walls from the outside! Happy Monday Morning!

Monday Morning Series: kayaking on Gatineau River

Summer is here with a searing 35 degrees and sunshine.  Perfect day for some kayaking on the Gatineau River! Happy Monday! For more photos and posts from Gatineau – click here.

Dreamy Travel Destinations

What constitutes a dreamy travel destination for you? My plan for travel later this year has been growing strong roots in Baja – a week of kayaking the gorgeous warm waters, sun naturally bleaching my hair and bronzing my skin as I paddle along, lost in thought as I watch the world go by!  Sparkling … Continue reading

Found Time

There is something special about Found Time.  Time is something easy to waste.  I often lose track of time, but this weekend, I was fortunate enough to have found time. I was supposed to be volunteering at the Fall Colours Marathon in Ottawa, however the email from the organizer to volunteer Saturday for a Sunday … Continue reading

Kayak Camping adventures in Lac La Peche

Seaweed – oh how I dislike the slimy feel of seaweed rubbing up against my legs.  The thought of the unknown lurking in the waters below.  Perhaps this is the result of an overactive childhood memory flashing back at me – but it was the seaweed keeping me from jumping into the water with my … Continue reading

Live the photo: Lac La Peche, Gatineau

The Background Who could resist coming back for more after a day like this!  A typical August afternoon in Lac La Peche can be anything but typical.  After a morning spent kayaking around Lac La Peche, with a lunch spent sunning on the rocks, who could resist taking the plunge!  This was a tough photo … Continue reading

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