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Wanderlusters: Exploring the Tropical Waters of Australia and New Zealand

Wanderlusters: Exploring the Tropical Waters of Australia and New Zealand Travel provides the opportunity to explore foreign climes, traverse new landscapes and see the world from a different perspective. As perpetual travellers we were excited to get scuba certified because we knew that the ability to dive would open up a whole new dimension of … Continue reading

Vineyard Hopping Must-Haves

Vineyard Hopping Must-Haves When the hubs and I first decided to go on a trip around the world before he started his MBA program, we toyed with the idea of basing our destinations around a common theme. At the top of the heap? Wine regions. How amazing would it be to bounce from country to … Continue reading

Paris Is Always A Good Choice!

Paris Is Always A Good Choice:  Guest post from the lovely Vanessa at TurnipSeedTravels Love it or hate it? You can hardly click on a Pinterest board without seeing something with the slogan “Paris Is Always A Good Choice”. I have to say, I’m inclined to agree! I’ve been to Paris 6 times and I … Continue reading

Suitcase Stories: House Sitting Around The World

House Sitting Around The World: Guest post from the lovely Nicole and Michael of Suitcase Stories. When we tell people we are permanent travelers the first thing they ask is “How do you afford that?”  People think we must have won the lottery or inherited $1 million from a long lost uncle. I wouldn’t mind … Continue reading

Anticipation: Heading to my first TBEX

TBEX, or Travel Bloggers Exchange, is coming to Canada this June and I can’t be more excited. To be honest…I am a little daunted!  This will be my first TBEX having narrowly missed last September’s edition in Costa Brava.  I was walking the Camino de Santiago at the time and was torn…do I break up … Continue reading

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