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What do you do with a broken heart?

I have loved to travel for as long as I can remember.  It is in my blood…it is something I can not help. I have read so many blogs about struggles with relationships and how to make it work.  Some feel it is only possible to find love with a fellow traveler, others are able … Continue reading

A New Orleans Comedy Of Errors

With less than 48 hours from deciding to visit to arrival in New Orleans, it may be quite obvious to many that little pre-planning went into this excursion.  Furiously tapping away on my computer, I booked rooms and made plans for my chance to visit the internationally recognized destination of New Orleans. Turns out it … Continue reading

Tranquility on Meech Lake

Tranquility – tran·quil·li·ty or tran·quil·i·ty (tr ng-kw l -t , tr n-). n. The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity. That is the best way to describe my evening paddle on Meech Lake, found in the Chelsea sector of Gatineau Park, 20 minutes from Ottawa.  With life at an all time hectic pace, I head out … Continue reading

Suitcase Stories: House Sitting Around The World

House Sitting Around The World: Guest post from the lovely Nicole and Michael of Suitcase Stories. When we tell people we are permanent travelers the first thing they ask is “How do you afford that?”  People think we must have won the lottery or inherited $1 million from a long lost uncle. I wouldn’t mind … Continue reading

What’s Your Travel Style?

When I first read Lola’s post: Travel Style –  A FriFotos Special Edition, I thought – this is something I could really have a little fun with .  So many options…so hard to choose!  Let’s have a little fun with the theme: Style! What defines your travel style?  Luxe and glamorous or more of a … Continue reading

Getting Ready To Fly: travel tips and lists

Going on a trip? What do you do to get ready to fly? Everybody’s got a pre-trip ritual.  Do you pack only hours before leaving, or are your bags ready a week in advance?  Are you getting to the airport relaxed or are you frantically asking the taxi driver for 5 extra minutes! I’ve been … Continue reading

Dealing with jet lag

5 Tips to Dealing with Jet Lag How is it that some people hop in and out of time zones with no signs of jet lag, yet others (myself included), can struggle for days?  We’ve all been there – wide awake at 2 am, the eyes just refusing to close! I’ve had my fair share … Continue reading

Active Holidays – Getting your exercise on the Road

What moves you? Some say that a photo is worth a thousand words…well, an annotated photo must be worth a million!  I came across this photo, most likely on Facebook, ages ago, and it stopped me in my tracks.  My life has changed a lot of the last few years.  I used to join the … Continue reading

Travel Confessions of a Travel-a-holic!

For the Love of Wanderlust recently tagged me for a series on Travel Confessions.  The torch has been passed and I am honoured that she thought of me! There are a few rules in the Travel Confessions series: Post a photo (or photos) and description(s) of your confession(s) in a new post. Tweet your post … Continue reading

Travel Writer’s Bonanza – a weekend in New York City

Travel Writers Bonanza – a weekend in New York City. The New York Times travel show hit the Jacob Javits Centre in NYC January 18 – 20.  Travel writers and the tourism industry were in full force, meeting and greeting.  It was an amazing networking event and this aspiring travel writer was thrilled to meet … Continue reading

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