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Paris Is Always A Good Choice!

Paris Is Always A Good Choice:  Guest post from the lovely Vanessa at TurnipSeedTravels Love it or hate it? You can hardly click on a Pinterest board without seeing something with the slogan “Paris Is Always A Good Choice”. I have to say, I’m inclined to agree! I’ve been to Paris 6 times and I … Continue reading

Suitcase Stories: House Sitting Around The World

House Sitting Around The World: Guest post from the lovely Nicole and Michael of Suitcase Stories. When we tell people we are permanent travelers the first thing they ask is “How do you afford that?”  People think we must have won the lottery or inherited $1 million from a long lost uncle. I wouldn’t mind … Continue reading

Dealing with jet lag

5 Tips to Dealing with Jet Lag How is it that some people hop in and out of time zones with no signs of jet lag, yet others (myself included), can struggle for days?  We’ve all been there – wide awake at 2 am, the eyes just refusing to close! I’ve had my fair share … Continue reading

Tips for walking the Camino de Santiago

Tips for walking the Camino de Santiago The Camino de Santiago has undergone a revival over the years with the number of pilgrims walking this ancient route to Santiago de Compostela growing considerably.  With numbers flourishing, the growing popularity, at times, can put a strain on the system.  While there are countless churches and villages … Continue reading

Travel Destination: San Sebastian

Travel Destination:  San Sebastian Playground to the stars at the International Film Festival every year, San Sebastian’s glamour and glitz remains understated.  Its gastronomic delights and cultural calendar are world class and Playa de la Concha brings one of Europe’s best city beaches to the steps of the Old Town.  What is not to love? … Continue reading

A Basque Culinary Experience with San Sebastian Food

Cooking with San Sebastian Food – Basque Style To be honest, I was a little nervous.  I had signed up for an evening with San Sebastian Food to learn more about Basque cuisine.  I knew that there was a strong influence of seafood, but in all honesty, I can be a little fussy about what … Continue reading

Travel Tips: Where To Stay In Plitvice Lakes National Park

One day in Plitvice is not enough – it is merely a taste! I had read that it was worthwhile to overnight in Plitvice as the National Park was something to see.  Listed as a World Heritage Site, the National Park boasts stunning waterfalls and loads of wooden walkways to lead you through the turquoise … Continue reading

Carry on essentials – top 5

What are your top 5 carry on essentials? Airline traffic is about to get crazy again!  If your luggage got, let’s say …re-routed….what do you consider essential? We all know that feeling – watching as the bags unload onto the carousel at the airport, waiting to see your bag drop down and wind its way … Continue reading

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