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From Paris With Love

Love Locks in the city of love – Paris Paris, the city of love!  Romance.  The inspiration of writers, poets and artists.  It is a lovers paradise!  As Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea”! I loved the moment in Sex in the City, when Carrie cries: “I’m looking for love. Real … Continue reading

Do We Really Have To Say Goodbye? Love Locks Rome.

Do we really have to say goodbye?  Love Locks Rome. A symbol of love?  An eye sore?  What is to come of the symbol of undying love that has become a global phenomenon? My first encounter with love locks was in Prague – I was instantly hooked and I was not alone.  The locks have … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series: Open Hearts on the Camino de Santiago

As I walk the Camino de Santiago, there are many messages left along the way…. Happy Monday Morning.

Wine Tasting in Prince Edward County

Picture yourself sitting on the patio, surrounded by vineyards, sipping on the latest vintage of an award winning Chardonnay.  Perhaps it is the crisp acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc that tantalizes your tastebuds. A gentle breeze off of Lake Ontario rustles the vine leaves as you wait for your lunch – welcome to Prince Edward … Continue reading

Flowers for Valentines

Happy Valentines – flowers from around the world and here at home, just for you!  The traditional red rose…a symbol of love and passion…. but if you are feeling a little more tropical….flowers from the beaches and gardens of Antigua. The French know romantic….while vacationing in Aix-en-Provence, we stopped for lunch near this flower market. … Continue reading

Love Locks Prague

A symbol of love throughout Europe, Prague is no exception with the love locks along the canal near the Charles Bridge in Prague’s Mala Strana. The origins of love locks have been attributed to the Italian writer Federico Moccia’s cult novel “I Need You”, written in 2006, however other sources, including Wikipedia, suggest the origins … Continue reading

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