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Travel Regrets

Top Three Travel Regrets Regrets…I’ve had a few.  But when it comes to travel, I am glad to have taken the bull by the horn on so many occasions – regrets are limited. I really had to think about it, but there are a few regrets that linger.  When Jenna at Wander the Map tagged me … Continue reading

Writing with MatadorU

Thank you for following my adventures and journeys.  Thank you for making Travel Destination Bucket List so much more….without you, it would be so much less! My writing style has been a little eclectic.  I have introduced a few different themes including the Monday Morning Series of inspirational photos, Live the Photo with tips and … Continue reading

Have you seen the Buddy Bears?

Have you seen the Buddy Bears? A message of world peace hit the Champs de Mars (the lawns extending out beyond Paris’ Eiffel Tower) in the form of Buddy Bears.  These unique works of art – 140 in total – represent living in peace and harmony.  There is one Buddy Bear for each of the … Continue reading

Winter Escapes

Winter Escapes Your heart sinks as you look out of the window…another bleak night after being cooped up in the office all day.  Your mind wanders to the screen saver….a tropical paradise awaits…it is just what you need!  Your spirit lifts just thinking about it… Do you practice the indulgent act of a winter escape?  … Continue reading

Time for Reflection – Camino de Santiago

Time for reflection – on the Camino Trail Perhaps it is fitting, that after only a few days of walking with others, today is a day of serious reflection, and I walk alone. The Camino is a very personal journey, and for me, represents a transition zone and re-evaluation of my life, where it is … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series: Travel Message

Travel message, or words to live by, who can argue with the mug! Happy Monday Morning!

Table For One: Travelling Solo

Table for one – travelling solo The streets of the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik were packed as the dinner hour neared.  Cafes and restaurants fill their tables, laughter and the sounds of people on holidays fill the air, a global village emerges as languages I could not even begin to identify wafted through the … Continue reading

1 Year and going strong

It is hard to believe that TravelDestinationBucketList has been going strong for 1 year now!  Thanks for all the comments, feedback and emails – it has been great getting to know you, and sharing travel stories and experiences!  I have learned so much from you and hope I have helped to inspire your next dream … Continue reading

Living in the Present

This weekend I once again start Living in the Present! I am sorry to not have written down who to credit the above photo to – I found it on the web, but it really did make me take pause.  As I described in my recent post – Transition Zone – a major life decision … Continue reading

Transition Zone

All my adult life, I have worked towards succeeding in my career, rising to top honours in 2010, sacrificing time with family and friends, forgetting my needs as I gave my all for the ranking of #1 in my company for all of Canada.  Some said it couldn’t be done, but with dogged determination, I … Continue reading

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