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Cycling Across Canada: Line dancing and wildlife in Calgary

As the towering mountains gave way to prairie flatlands, the big city congestion greeted me as I cycled into Calgary and struggled to find the Hosteling International hostel on the east side of downtown. A vibrant city with loads to do, I quickly settled into the hostel life and joined the party and bbq.  Before … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada: Banff and Lake Louise

Cycling across Canada, I had the privilege to see so many stunning places – Banff and Lake Louise, both iconic, were top of my bucketlist of places to spend some quality time! Lake Louise, also known as the jewel of the Rockies, was my first bucket list stop.  The Hosteling International Lake Louise was like a … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada – on the road to Banff

Rest day behind me, it was time to get serious on the road to Banff.  Cycling across Canada – always an adventure. My first day after my Kamloops rest and my first century ride was in the bag – 118 kms to Salmon Arm.  Luckily, the day was relatively flat – I knew this wouldn’t … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada – Kicking back in Kamloops

Kicking back in Kamloops is just what my body needed as I cycled across Canada.  I had already cycled over 400 kms and I hurt from head to toe! I booked into the old Kamloops Courthouse, built in 1909.  At the time of my trip, it was a Hosteling International Youth Hostel, having opened its … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada – the foothills of British Columbia

Kilometer 0 – straight away I was into the foothills of British Columbia and the Rockies in my solo journey cycling across Canada.  A daunting prospect – literally thousands of kilometres ahead of me and The Rockies! A friend of the family joined me at Port Moody where I started with my rear wheel in … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada – the gear

Once my plans were set for cycling across Canada, it was time to plan the gear.  As I eluded to in my previous post, I ended up carrying so much unnecessary weight.  Truth be told, at one stage, my bicycle was leaning against a rock while I took a quick dip in Lake Superior, it … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada – Getting Started

Long before the first pedal stoke…..I was planning and getting started on a dream come true – cycling across Canada! Planning a Round the World trip can be a daunting endeavour – but if it is in your cards, I highly recommend it.  It may just be the best thing you ever do – it … Continue reading

Cycling Across Canada

To date, one of the accomplishments that I am most proud of remains the year I went cycling across Canada.  People thought I was crazy.  No one would commit to joining me on this adventure – so I did it solo.  Had the best time and am so proud of my accomplishment. It all started … Continue reading

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