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Camino de Santiago, Hotel Review

Albergues and Hotels on the Camino de Santiago (Burgos to Astorga)

Albergues and Hotels on the Camino de Santiago (Burgos to Astorga)

Continuing from my previous Albergues and Hotels on the Camino de Santiago (St Jean PdP to Burgos), I am happy to share a few more gems that I found along the way. While I still liked the albergues and time with all the people while walking the Camino, I found that the pilgrims menus were a perfect way to enjoy the company of my fellow pilgrim, and still have some space to myself in a private room – a welcome treat along the way and I was happy to indulge from time to time. Phone numbers are taken from the Brierley guidebook and were working at the time of my Camino experience.

Hornillos del Camino – Casa Rural Hostal de Sol a Sol 649 876 091. While I felt a little guitly booking a private room after 2 delightful nights at Norte y Londres in Burgos, this casa rural was gorgeous and I am thrilled I did! I collected the key from the shop across the street as I entered town and was escorted into a bed and breakfast style accommodation. The water was a little smelly, but the bed and towels were a real treat. It had a great homey feel and was quite welcome after a day on the Meseta.

where to stay on the Camino de Santiago

Ermita de San Nicolas – my favourite place along the Camino de Santiago, but there are no reservations. My previous post about the Magic of the Ermita does not do it justice – if the simplicity of candlelight (there is no electricity) appeals to you, and you are looking to slow down and appreciate the history of the Camino experience, a stop here is warranted. It is a place of peace and tranquility. According to Brierley, the Ermita is only open June to September.

Camino de Santiago

Terradillos de los Templarios – Albergue Privado Jacques de Molay 979 883 679. A welcome refuge after what was a long and featureless day of walking along the senda. I shared a semi-private room with a man I had been walking with for a number of days – it was great to have a chance to spread out and re-organize my pack. The albergue owners were super friendly and the courtyard and drinks in the sunshine were a great way to finish the day. (I heard from fellow pilgrims that the new private Albergue Los Templarios was also quite nice. This albergue was just before the entrance to town. PH: 979 065 968)

walking the way of St James

Bercianos del Real Camino – Riverso 987 744 287. Torrential downpours in the afternoon with winds that nearly knocked me over found me soaking wet and happy to stop in a local hotel. Most of the guests were locals rather than pilgrims which offered a different atmosphere from the standard pilgrim stops along the way. I took a simple room with shared bathroom, although for only 5 Euro more, a fully private room would have been worth it!

Reliegos – Piedras Blancas 987 330 094. A new private albergue, not even found in the edition of Brierley that I had, we stumbled upon the albergue at the perfect time as my feet could not go a step further. (Oasis in Reliegos – Camino de Santiago)

Camino de Santiago

Leon – La Posada Regia 987 213 173. Another 2 night stop was on the cards for me. So much to see in Leon, if you are planning on 2 nights, you will have to find private accommodations as the municipal albergue is for one night only.

where to stay in Leon, Camino de Santiago

Leon – Paris Hotel 987 238 600 (I did not stay here, but it looked amazing, and feedback from fellow pilgrims made me think I would prefer to stay here if I were to find myself in Leon again!)

Leon – Parador: San Marcos 987 237 300. As with the Paris Hotel, I did not stay here, but it looked amazing! A little out of town, if I was staying in an albergue in Leon, I would consider making this my home on my second night in town, only because it looks so outrageously amazing! I hear an all you can eat buffet is included too!  Sadly, I could not go up and see any of the rooms, but I heard they are beautiful.

where to stay in Leon

Astorga – Hotel Gaudi 987 615 654. What can I say, after being introduced to Gaudi in Barcelona, I am a little fascinated and could not resist staying in the hotel. The view from my room as I looked out the window was a fairytale – the Palacio Episcopal (Gaudi), knicknamed Disneyland by many of the pilgrims. I heard the food in the restaurant was amazing, although I did not try it. It seems that the hotel owners are happy to offer pilgrims staying at the albergue a discounted price on their pilgrim’s meals, but if you are a guest of the hotel, the full price (double that of the pilgrim’s rate) applies. Even with my pilgrim credentials, I was told I would have to pay 25 Euro for dinner and opted to go elsewhere. The hotel was lovely, but seeing as I was already paying 50 Euro for a single room, I felt it not right that they charge me so much for a dinner that my fellow pilgrims were paying significantly less for. A shame as I found myself eating alone in a restaurant in town and this tainted my experience!

where to stay in Astorga

At least I will always remember the view of the Gaudi Palace!

This post is part of a series of posts on Albergues and Hotels along the Camino de Santiago.  The recommendations are based on the experiences that I had as I walked the Camino de Santiago.  In alberuges run by volunteers, experiences may be different from week to week as the volunteers change.  I found most of the volunteers very happy to be there as they had previously done the Camino themselves and wanted to come back and be a part of it again.  They also knew what you were going through and were very helpful.

Albergues and Hotels along the Camino de Santiago

St Jean Pied du Port to Burgos


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