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Le Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau – UCI 1.1 Women’s Road Racing

Le Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau is back – and with the 2012 London Olympics just around the corner, it promises to be an exciting event!  Gatineau will be hosting the biggest women’s road race in Canada – an event not to be missed as the women compete over 134 km on a closed circuit loop.

women's road racing

The Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau is in it’s third year and the event just continues to grow!  The weekend is set to be the cycling event of the region with weekend festivities for the entire family!  The team presentations will begin on Friday (2-4 pm) followed by a family evening ride in the region at 7:30.  The action will heat up Saturday with the Individual Time Trial set to begin at 8:45 – the 2011 event proved to be quite exciting with Canada’s own Clara Hughes taking the win in spite of a crash in the corner.  She was on fire at this event and will be back for more in 2012.

UCI Womens Road Racing

2011 ITT podium – photo credit: Pedalmag.com

Sunday will bring the unique opportunity for a ride with the pros.  The list is extensive, with Clara Hughes, Joelle Numainville and the Canadian National Champion Veronique Fortin topping the list.

The main event starts at 9:30 on Monday, May 21st.  The course is a closed circuit of 13 laps of 10.18 kms for a thrilling 134 kms.  Come out and cheer these incredible athletes on!  It is a day not to be missed!

Gatineau Park race map

Results are in – what an exciting race!  For results, photos and YouTube clip of the final sprint – click here.

List of the teams as of May 11, 2012
Chrono Gatineau Rona: Chrono
Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau presented by Hydro-Québec: GPCG

Axman Team (TAI)
– Ho Hsun Huang (TPE) – Chrono and GPCG
– Mei-Yu Hsiao (TPE) – Chrono and GPCG
– Hsiao-Chia Tseng (TPE) – Chrono and GPCG
– Yu-Hsuan Lee (TPE) – Chrono and GPCG
– Chia-Hui Lin (TPE) – Chrono and GPCG

Colavita ESPN (USA)
– Moriah Macgregor (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Jamie Bookwalter (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Joanie Caron (USA) – GPCG
– Jasmin Glaesser (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Leah Guloien (CAN) – GPCG
– Mary Zider (USA) – GPCG

Destination Cycling (USA)
– Marty Shea (USA) – Chrono
– Dolmans Boels (NED)
– Emma Trott (GBR) – Chrono
– Pauliena Rooijakkers (NED) – Chrono

Canadian National Cycling Team (CAN)
– Rhae Christie Shaw (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Julie Beveridge (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Karol Ann Canuel (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Carrie Cartmill (CAN) – GPCG
– Candice Vermeulen (CAN) – GPCG

Ukraine National Team (UKR)
– Olena Pavlukhina (UKR) – Chrono and GPCG
– Alona Andruk (UKR) – Chrono and GPCG
– Olena Sharga (UKR) – GPCG
– Ielizaveta Oshurkova (UKR) – GPCG
– Viktoriia Vologdina (UKR) – GPCG

Faren Honda Team (ITA)
– Nicole Cooke (GBR) – Chrono and GPCG
– Fabiana Luperini (ITA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Rochelle Gilmore (AUS) – Chrono and GPCG
– Luisa Tamanini (ITA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Jennifer Hohl (SUI) – GPCG
– Myfnwy Galloway (AUS) – GPCG

Farno D’Asolo Colavita (ITA)
– Whitney Gaggioli (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Sari Saarelainen (FIN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Jessica Uebelhart (SUI) – Chrono and GPCG
– Uenia Fernandes (BRA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Flavia Oliveira (BRA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Liza Racchetto (USA) – GPCG

GreenEdge – AIS (AUS)
– Linda Villumsen (NZL) – Chrono and GPCG
– Shara Gillow (AUS) – Chrono and GPCG
– Alexis Rhodes (AUS) – Chrono and GPCG
– Melissa Hoskins (AUS) – GPCG
– Claudia Hauesler (GER) – Chrono and  GPCG
– Jessie Maclean (AUS) – GPCG

Infinit Nutrition Cycle Power (CAN)
– Veronik Bourgon (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Nina Nesdoly (CAN) – GPCG
– Heather Shearer (CAN) – GPCG
– Alexandria Wilson (CAN) – GPCG
– Courtnay Romkey (CAN) – GPCG
– Allison Lampi (CAN) – GPCG

Kallisto Wheels of Bloor (CAN)
– Steph Skoreyko (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Jamie Gilgen (CAN) – GPCG
– Cathy Zeglinski (CAN) – GPCG
– Anna Harkowska (CAN) – GPCG
– Cheryl Rondeau (CAN) – GPCG

Now and Novertis for MS
– Olivia Dillon (IRL) – Chrono

Optum Kelly Benefits Strategies (USA)
– Joelle Numainville (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Carmen Small (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Denise Ramsden (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Leah kirchmann (CAN) – GPCG
– Lex Albrecht (CAN) – GPCG
– Annie Ewart (CAN) – GPCG

PK Express Biemme (CAN)
– Suzie Brown (CAN) (AUS) – Chrono and GPCG
– Kacy Wander (USA) (AUS) – Chrono and GPCG
– Susan Palmer-Komar (CAN) – GPCG
– Laura Haapamaki (CAN) – GPCG
– Jenny Yves – GPCG

Real Deal Racing La Bicycletta (CAN)
– Julia Bradley (CAN) – GPCG
– Myriam Gaudreault (CAN) – GPCG
– Catherine Dessureault (CAN) – GPCG
– Évelyn Blouin (CAN) – GPCG
– Arlene Marchildon (CAN) – GPCG
– Laurie Dumas (CAN) – GPCG

Specialized Lululemon (GER)
– Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (GER) – Chrono and GPCG
– Amber Neben (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Clara Hughes (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Evelyn Stevens (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Ally Stacher (USA) – Chrono and GPCG

Specialized Mazda (CAN)
– Allison Bevridge (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Karlee Gendron (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Anne Marie Morin (CAN) – GPCG
– Virginie Gauthier (CAN) – GPCG
– Nik Vogler (CAN) – GPCG

Steven’s Racing team p/b The Cyclery (CAN)
– Adrianne Provost (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Sue Schlatter (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Sara Byers (CAN) – GPCG
– Carrie Cartmill (CAN) – GPCG
– Evelyne Gagnon (CAN) – GPCG
– Florence Laplante-Lamarche (CAN) – GPCG

Team Quebec (CAN)
– Alizée Brien (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Gabrielle Pilote-Fortin  (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Véronique Labonté (CAN) – GPCG
– Élizabeth Albert (CAN) – GPCG
– Audrey Bernard (CAN) – GPCG

Tibco to the Top (USA)
– Tara Whiten (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Megan Guarnier (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Jen Purcell (USA) – GPCG
– Kendall Ryan (USA) –  GPCG
– Lauren Hall (USA) –  GPCG
– Véronique Fortin (CAN) –  GPCG

Vanderkitten Focus (USA)
– Bridie O’Donnell (AUS) – Chrono and GPCG
– Kathleen Billington (USA) – Chrono and GPCG
– Emily Collins (NZL) – GPCG
– Kate Chilcott (NZL) – GPCG
– Ruth Winder (USA) – GPCG
– Jasmin Hurikino (AUS) – GPCG

West Quebec Wheelers (CAN)
– Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA) (CAN) – Chrono and GPCG
– Caroline Ryan (IRE) – Chrono and GPCG
– Lenores Pipes (GU) – GPCG
– Kristen Lotito (USA) – GPCG
– Olivia Dillon (IRE) – GPCG
– Joyce Nyaruri Matara (KEN) – GPCG

road racing

Volunteering in the feed zone for team Futuroscope


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  1. This must be fun for all, even the volunteers… great post…;)

    Posted by cobbies69 | May 15, 2012, 11:49 am
  2. Will this be streamed live online?

    Posted by Kevin | May 16, 2012, 10:39 am


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